New Year, New Term, New Class

This new year we are excited to be opening a new class for Minis, aged 4 to 5, on Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30am. With lots of new triallists and students, our school is growing in 2019.

Join us to develop new skills, make new friends and have lots of fun, in what is set to be a truly super new year…!






Razzamataz Reading offers tuition in the performing arts to young people aged 4 to 16 on Saturday mornings at The Maiden Erlegh School in Reading.

Each week, Razzamataz Reading students will learn how to use their singing, dancing and drama skills when performing in a large space. Our young performers will work with character, storyline and props to refine their performing skills. Session content will include performing with comedy, suspense, narrative, melodrama and drama.

This term we will be developing our performance skills through exercises, games, character work and use of performance space. Our students will be responding creatively to bring characters to life, working in pairs and groups on improvisation, understanding why we use different parts of the stage in performance, learning how to use breath control and vocal projection for speaking and singing on stage.

At the end of the term, Razzamataz Reading students will have experienced the fun of working with a range of theatrical styles, they will be involved in an informal performance to parents/carers, and will have developed a variety of skills including special awareness, solo, partner and ensemble work, remaining in character, using gesture and changes in speaking voice to depict mood and story, using movement and good breath control when singing, clear articulation to support performance… all ready for the summer SHOW TERM where our students will perform in a professional theatre!

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